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Your Customized Solar Power Solution

Solar power maximizes efficiency and minimizes overhead expenses– and it’s never been more affordable.

With Community Renewable Energy, you can eliminate solar power startup costs, lock in a low, stable energy rate with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and reinvest the savings. Additionally, after your PPA concludes, you have the option of purchasing the power system at little or no cost. The result? You save money from day one.

Community Renewable Energy’s No-Risk Process

Our solar power systems are state-of-the-art, adaptable, modular, and turnkey, ranging in size from small installations (2-3 kilowatt) to utility-grade, grid-connected systems (2 megawatts). Our process is streamlined and no-risk, so it’s easy to explore your solar power solution.

Solar Power in Every Climate and Every Neighborhood

To harness powerful, freely available natural resources, photovoltaic cells and inverters convert sunshine into ready-to-use AC power. Community Renewable Energy’s solar power systems are tailored to:

  • Any climate, including one with low and moderate light
  • Urban and rural sites
  • Growing and established nonprofits

Solar power is:

  • Affordable. Your energy bill is lowered and stabilized, and your utility is rate locked-in.
  • Efficient. Unlike fossil fuels, your power source is free, reliable, and sustainable. Its equipment is quiet, unobtrusive, and performs reliably with little maintenance.
  • Clean. Every kilowatt hour of energy produced from renewable energy offsets over 1 pound of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Beneficial to your organization, community, and environment while contributing to our national energy independence.
  • Supported at state and federal levels and by the private sector.

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