6 shared solar updates

Community Renewable Energy believes in the power of shared solar, which is growing in popularity in the US and abroad. Here’s some of the latest news about the shared solar revolution from across the nation.

  • Nine shared solar projects in Vermont received grants that range from a little over $10,000 to $125,000. Installations will be located at schools, places of worship, and municipal buildings.
  • Regulators in Minnesota okayed the state’s community solar projects.
  • Richard McCann discusses the opportunity that shared solar presents for California.
  • A solar farm in Texas proves how beautifully renewable power can be integrated into the landscape.  On a 45-acre farm in San Antonio, sheep keep the grass tidy and enjoy the shade under solar panels.
  • Colorado, the first state to pass a Solar Garden Community Act, continues to embrace shared solar. Recently, the communities of Westminster and Englewood are pursing shared renewables, and Aurora is already looking to expand its own project.
  • Also: Colorado has a unique solar-powered gondola! Even better, it’s free to ride.
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