Net Metering- the Entrepreneur’s Dream

Here at Praxia Partners, we are big proponents of net-metering policies. For those new to the idea of net metering- the policy allows homes that generate their own renewable energy to loop into the local energy grid, and deduct energy outflows (what your solar panels generate, for instance) from the metered inflows (the energy you pull from the utility company). Consider it a hybrid model to electrify your home. For a nice comprehensive review on net metering and how it works, check out this article on the How Stuff Works blog. Here are some fantastic  benefits of net-metering that they point out:

  • The system is easy and inexpensive. It enables people to get real value for the energy they produce, without having to install a second meter or an expensive battery storage system.
  • It allows homeowners and businesses to produce energy, which takes some of the pressure off the grid, especially during periods of peak consumption.
  • Each home can potentially power two or three other homes. If enough homes in a neighborhood use renewable energy and net metering, the neighborhood could potentially become self-reliant.
  • It encourages consumers to play an active role in alternative energy production, which both protects the environment and helps preserve natural energy resources.
  • Homes that use net metering tend to be more aware of, and therefore more conscientious about their energy consumption.
  • It saves utility companies money on meter installation, reading and billing costs

Net-metering is truly a policy for the every-man, allowing you and me to join the table with the large multi-million dollar utility companies- something I, for one, would not be doing otherwise! Of course, not all utility companies want us at their table, and many are fighting the polices and lobbying hard against it. We encourage anyone interested in generating their own renewable energy, or even just the ability to become interested in the future, to let your policy makers know that you support net- metering policies!

If you’re looking for more reasons to support net-metering (or your friendly local policy maker needs more reasons), new research is being published all of the time proving the benefits of net-metering, and discounting the naysayers! For instance, the recently published report entitled: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Net Metering in California, concluded that the utilities’ concerns that the impacts of net metering on non-participating ratepayers were unfounded. In fact, the study found, that when designed correctly the net metering actually reduced the cost of electricity for producers and all consumers- including those that were not generating renewable energy. win-win-win!

Share what you learn about net-metering with your friends and policy makers, and let’s help everybody gain the opportunity to become an energy producer for their community!

Originally published on Praxia Partners’ blog.

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